At the beginning of the pandemic musician/composer, Scot Sier recorded a twenty-two-minute stream of consciousness avant-garde guitar noise composition that expressed the multitude of emotions he was feeling from lockdown. While recording it, he thought there are people all over the world experiencing the same thing. 

The artists in the release credits represent musicians from many parts of the globe who have participated. The intention of the Death Mask recording is to express the disruptive changes caused by Covid-19, climate change, and inequality across the world. It is an ongoing collaboration that will continue until the pandemic has receded. 

For info on the musicians who participated, visit the International geo-locater map that pinpoints the collaborator's country, city, and website so you can learn more about their music. 

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released May 29, 2020 

Scott Amendola - Drums, Effects 
Carl Burnett - Slide Guitar 
Lindsay Garfield - Vocals 
Emilio Gordoa -Percussion 
Ginc Gintautus Gascevicius- Drums, Vibraphone, Xylophone 
Max Hart - Moog, Vocoder 
Kern Haug - Electronica 
Chase Jackson - Electronic Vibes 
Albert Kuvezin - Tuvan Throat Vocals 
Scot Sier - Producer, Guitar, MIDI Orchestration 
Pamelia Stickney - Theremin, Composer Contributions from "Jeg Elsker" and "Spectra" 
Petr Valek - Visual Sound Artist via "Hudba" composition. (Korubushka Records)