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Our Story

Deep Under Cover Clothing was founded by Scot Sier, musician/producer/designer, and is an LA-based company. A recording artist and performer, Scot worked with musicians from across the globe where he found kindred spirits who believed in the importance of protest songs for social change.


What began as a T-Shirt design that paid tribute to seven hundred songwriter contributors on the   Soundcloud  Occupy music protest playlist he started in 2008, turned into a global movement that exposes the rise of inequality in our world. 

D.U.C. believes that protest music is a powerful source of inspiration for bringing unity to our world, which is the hallmark of the Deep Under Cover clothing brand. Our crowned feathered raven represents intelligence, empathy, and, humor that empowers men and women to build a soulful one-world community regardless of nationality, race, and beliefs. 

About our community.

Our Facebook page the Facebook Deep Under Cover and our Soundcloud Playlist are active sites where our customers, bands, and collaborators hang out to listen to music, read about current events and artists that are making socially conscious music.  So, come and join us, we would love to see you post and contribute. 

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